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DogSocial – next-generation professional dog training apps

DogSocial® is launching a range of next-generation professional dog training apps – from the professionals for ALL dog lovers and owners.

In the first app “DogSocial - teaching the basic commands”, learn how to teach your dog the important and necessary basic commands. And in a way that actually works!

The dog training app was programmed as a hybrid HTML5 app and therefore supports all modern smartphones and tablets (for iOS 7, Android 4.1 and up) in a variety of resolutions.

The app is particularly distinguished by the modern and clear user guidance and professional training.

21 videos and 41 HD quality photos help to establish the individual commands.

Valuable professional tips in the theory and practise section help to avoid errors when training and contribute to successful dog training.

We also explain here, of course, what others neglect to say: What do I do if my training is not successful?

The dog training app was implemented as a private project of Gerd Gaiser - owner of the media agency "Gaiser Think Virtual" and dog lover. The necessary Dogs expertise came from the dog behavior therapist Nicole Haas.

The next app is already in development.

Learn more about the DogSocial Apps for iOS and Android:

PR contact:
Gerd Gaiser
Würmtalstraße 212
75181 Pforzheim
Phone: +49 7231 7800770
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About DogSocial:
DogSocial offers dog training apps at the highest level concerning user guidance, design and performance targets in training. Furthermore, a dog community on Facebook is just coming up.

DogSocial was launched in May 2015 and was developed by Gerd Gaiser, who lives with his two dogs in Pforzheim.

For more information visit

DogSocial® is a registered trademark of Gerd Gaiser.

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DogSocial Logo
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Gerd Gaiser with male dog Alfi (right hand) and she dog Hermine (left hand) 
DogSocial emotion04 DogSocial emotion05
Coach Nicole and Hermine
DogSocial emotion03 
Alfi – Admin and lead dog of DogSocial

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For questions we are looking forward to your contact.

Gerd Gaiser
Goldlackweg 3
71665 Vaihingen an der Enz

Phone: +49 7042 1204293
Fax: +49 7042 1204294