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Just another dog training app?
Not at all!

DogSocial® is launching a range of next-generation professional dog training apps – from the professionals for ALL dog lovers and owners.

In the first app “DogSocial - teaching the basic commands”, learn how to teach your dog the important and necessary basic commands. And in a way that actually works!

In the detailed theory section, you will find out, for example, how to correctly establish a command (= friendly “command” to the dog), how to reward your dog correctly and how a good relationship is created between people and dogs. We also explain here, of course, what others neglect to say: What do I do if my training is not successful?

The theory section gets to the point quickly, concisely and clearly.

HD quality videos and photos

21 videos (as optional and free download*) and 41 HD quality photos help you to establish the individual commands. Valuable professional tips in the theory and practise section help to avoid errors when training and contribute to successful dog training.

"Theory / important information” content in detail:

  • Introducing commands
    How do I establish and consolidate a command?
  • How does the dog learn?
    Find out more about the biological process of “learning”
  • The learning principles of dog training
    What must you ensure before commencing training?
  • How is a good relationship created between people and dogs?
    What impacts positively on the relationship?
  • How do I reward my dog correctly?
    Avoiding errors through rewards.
  • Harness or collar?
    Why you should not use a collar.
  • What do I need to teach the commands?
    Important equipment for successful training.
  • Which commands should not be taught at the same time?
    Avoiding slow and unclear training.
  • How often, and for how long should I train?
    Avoid overloading your dog.
  • Why is my training not being successful?
    Checklist for the worst case scenario.

The training section is systematically structured for all 10 basic commands:

  1. Why I need the command
  2. Establishing the command
    How to establish the command correctly
  3. Giving the command
    Your dog follows the command at your verbal instruction
  4. Consolidating the command
    The command should also work when there is significant distraction

“Teaching the basic commands” content in detail:

  • The “Sit” command
  • The “Down” command
  • The “Here” command
  • The “No” command
  • The “Leave it” command
  • The “Stand” command
  • The “Heel” command
  • The “Back” command
  • The “Side” command
  • With me
  • Reducing rewards

Training examples

A range of training plans are available under the menu item “Training examples” which show you when, and for how long, to teach each command. It couldn’t be easier!


The news-feed automatically provides you with the latest news about everything to do with the dog portal and the DogSocial app.


The DogSocial Support forum is available at to help you with any questions about the app. You can, of course, also become part of the new dog community free of charge at

Get it on Google Play     Download on the App Store Badge US UK

Now available as FREE version and PRO version!